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1920 Northwest 18th Avenue
Northwest District, OR, 97209


Pomarius Nursery is a retail nursery, open to the public, in Northwest Portland, Oregon.  We are renowned for our garden design services.

Event Space | Rentals | Shoots & Photography Policy

The grounds of Portland's Pomarius Nursery are popular for hosting events and photo shoots.  Additionally you can rent plants for your next event. 

Pomarius is a popular destination for hosting events and photo shoots.  Our Canopy Garden Space and Greenhouse are not to be missed.

Additionally, the nursery will rent a variety of plants for your next event.  

Check out beautiful 360 degree images of our nursery on Google Maps!

Our neighbor business friends Castaway/blockhouse conduct coordination of wedding events under the Canopy Garden Space on our behalf. For WEDDING events & WEDDING photo shoots* please contact them directly. They are happy to help you navigate through the process of planning your special occasion if you should choose to include Pomarius Nursery. Additionally, they can facilitate scheduling a wedding photo shoot* in our Urban Greenhouse or on the Nursery Grounds.

For plant rentals and ALL OTHER events and photo shoots* please contact Pomarius directly for availability and rates. Direct your correspondence to the attention of Pete Lynn.

Photography Policy* Q: May I take a photo on your grounds or inside your facilities? A: Thanks for asking…

Upon entering Pomarius Nursery grounds, you grant to Pomarius Nursery Inc. and its employees, agents, and assigns the right to photograph you and your dependent(s) for use in Pomarius Nursery print, electronic, digital media, and publications.

We welcome our clients and visitors to take photographs of Pomarius Nursery for their own personal use and we encourage you to share your photos and geotag/tag us and @pomariusnursery on Instagram. #pomariusnursery #plantswithcharacter #pomariussince2002

Professional photography shoots (personal, engagement, graduation, wedding, school etc); commercial photography shoots including social media personalities (Instagram influencers, impacters, content creators, bloggers, YouTubers - whether Verified or not), media, drone photography or filming; and photography related to events facilitated through Castaway/blockhouse are not allowed at Pomarius Nursery without advanced written consent. While we value the importance of photography, especially on social media platforms, we need to be courteous of our retail & design clients, particularly in our greenhouse and garden shop’s small spaces. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

For events facilitated through Castaway or blockhouse, please request our policy and permission through their channels prior to your visit to Pomarius.

To secure advanced permission for any other photography, please contact Pete Lynn at the number below.

Phone: 503-490-6866 Email: Attn: Pete Lynn

Pumpkin Carving Family Day October 2018

Pumpkin Carving Family Day October 2018