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1920 Northwest 18th Avenue
Northwest District, OR, 97209


Pomarius Nursery is a retail nursery, open to the public, in Northwest Portland, Oregon.  We are renowned for our garden design services.



Castaway and blockhouse facilitate WEDDING events and WEDDING photo shoots (in conjunction with venue rental) on our behalf, we welcome you to reach out to them directly to schedule a visit — Thank you for considering Pomarius Nursery:
blockhouse Event & Open-Kitchen space:
Castaway Event Space:

<<For all other events and shoots including wedding photo shoots NOT in conjunction with a Pomarius Canopy Venue Rental, please direct your inquiry to Pete Lynn, Pomarius Nursery.>>

NW artists we love:

Paige Wright:

Ellen Goldschmidt

Barbara Stafford: at PDX Contemporary Art

Benjamin Clark - see his work at Boy’s Fort

Jerry Dickason Falcon Art Center

Wesley Younie:

Thank you to Anita L Davidson for her photography contributions. Photo Credit: “Photo Shoots & Photography Policy” Images @neeter_d

Our favorite sustainability lecture series:

Portland events we love:
Design Week Portland

2019 Collaboration Event Links:

Secret Garden Yoga with YoYoYogi, Tea Bar and Pomarius Nursery - Sign Up Here

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