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1920 Northwest 18th Avenue
Northwest District, OR, 97209


Pomarius Nursery is a retail nursery, open to the public, in Northwest Portland, Oregon.  We are renowned for our garden design services.


Pomarius parking

 Parking available for Pomarius retail & design clients 10am - 6pm*

Parking available for Pomarius retail & design clients 10am - 6pm*



While shopping with Pomarius, the nursery provides retail & design clients (10am- 6pm*) five parking spaces for your convenience: two in the driveway of the main entrance, and three spots in the lot just beyond the nursery entrance on the left side of Vaughn street. Please note, Pomarius holds three designated spots in the lot only. Out of courtesy for other neighbor businesses, we ask you park in the correct place. You will be towed at your own expense if you are parked incorrectly. The lot is locked each night promptly at 6pm. Pomarius does not provide parking for events booked through neighboring businesses. Because we have limited space, we ask no event loading/unloading in our driveway, thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Pomarius spaces are first come, first served. When in doubt, take advantage of street parking. There are a handful of spots within a block from the nursery. Be cognizant of time zones.

*Or adjusted stated business hours.